Learning to flow through life spontaneously.

When you learn to flow spontaneously, day by day, and make your life an offering to life itself, life becomes worth living.

Within the framework of the plan we have in mind, for the purpose of life, we make allowances, and the greatest allowance that can be made is for the spontaneity. It’s like cooking. A good cook will not follow the recipe in the book to the ‘T’. He or she will have those little extra touches that just come spontaneously too.

That is the way life is to be lived. That is the way the cook will find joy in his cooking. And when there’s joy in the cooking, the consumer will find it joyous too. When the cook follows the recipe implicitly, it might just not work out.

The same analogy could be used in living, where the plan of life and purpose of life forever remains in the background of the mind. We do not lose sight of the goal, but all the actions that would take us to that goal must become spontaneous, and we perform those actions mindfully day by day.

Spontaneity is flowing, there is beautiful energy flowing, and the best expression of that energy flow is love. That is how in every sphere of our activity, you can infuse love into it. The cook can infuse love into his cooking. The carpenter can infuse love into the chair he is making. Good. The plumber can infuse love into his plumbing. When that energy becomes spontaneous, it becomes love. And as we know, ‘Love is God and God is Love’. So in every action, every daily activity in spite of the plan man makes, one also very consciously brings to oneself that flow and it can be consciously recognized. Once we are set on the path, the journey becomes easier because there is now a direction. It is of no use just drifting along and that drifting along is sometimes confused with spontaneity. It is worlds apart to be spontaneous and to drift. To be spontaneous purposefully and with a purpose is good. To drift without a purpose howsoever spontaneously is not conducive to one’s evolution. A drifting person is like a boat without a rudder, it just gets swirled from here to there and no purpose is served.

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