International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment (IFSU), is a Spanish foundation declared to be of general interest and registered in the Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain,  and a Non-Profit Corporation Registered in New York USA.

IFSU has as one of its aims to teach meditation techniques and mindfulness designed individually for each person according to their psychological and physiological needs.
We teach the PoU method, created by Gururaj Ananda Yogi and that includes all techniques shown under the MBSR and MBCT protocols, integrating those with powerful meditation techniques and spiritual practices. and an individualized design of the prescribed meditation and mindfulness practices adapted to the particular needs of each individual.
Since 1976 we have a staff of meditation teachers, trained over 35 years of practice, who teach meditation internationally.
In New York, we run the Ashram for Unfoldment, led by Raman Leonato (Madrid 1960), who learned from his meditation teacher Gururaj Ananda Yogi from his twenties until his death in May 1988. Since then he has taught thousands of people the art of meditation and mindfulness with excellent results.
The faculty of our meditation school is made up of professors, associate professors, and preparatory professors. We train meditation and mindfulness teachers in a 290 hours program and certify them to teach in any of our international centers and Ashrams
IFSU emblem consists of nine small circles, each of which contains within it the symbols corresponding to each of the great wisdom and spiritual traditions of humanity, namely: Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism and a spiral representing philosophy, science and any search for truth that man has initiated.
These circles are placed on 5 concentric circles that represent a circular musical stave. Inside the pentagram is the flame of an oil lamp symbolizing the light of truth. The emblem in its entirety means that each of these traditions of the wisdom of humanity is but notes of the same song that leads man to the light of truth that resides within him.
Meditation, mindfulness, yoga and spiritual practices that we teach, are not in contradiction with any of these traditions and can be followed by anyone, whether or not they follow a particular spiritual tradition.
Our motto is that if you are a Christian you will become a better Christian, if you are a Buddhist you will become a better Buddhist and if you are an atheist you will become a better person, in other words: improving yourself, you will improve your environment and therefore the society in which you live.

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