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A teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values. Informally the role of teacher may be taken on by anyone.

Anna Blasucci


Pleasantville, NY

I am a long-time meditator and certified teacher of the American Meditation Society. [show_more more=”show more” less=”show less”] I have been on the spiritual path for some time and Gururaj’s teachings and meditation practices have brought me the clarity, peace and stillness that was necessary for me to connect with my true self and the divinity within. I love sharing Gururaj’s practices for a very simple but life transforming meditation practice.




I am a Certified Meditation Teacher with a practice of over 15 years, Registered Dietitian/ Certified Dietetic Nutritionist for 35 years , Certified Yoga Instructor practicing for 25 years as well as a Certified Laughter Yoga teacher .[show_more more=”show more” less=”show less”] I am also a nature lover , creative vegetarian chef, mountain climber, loving, caring individual. Meditation has helped to bring me perspective , balance , joy, an open heart and gratitude each and every day. I love teaching the AMS practices to others either through one on one or group sessions. If you live in Westchester county and are interested in learning more , I look forward to hearing from you.


Susie Zweig


White Plains, New York

My background in speech, sales and marketing has given me a unique view of our stressful world in both the home and at work.
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Now, as an experienced meditation teacher with AMS, I can call on my background to help answer the question that has always been around:  “How do we help eliminate those stresses of life and help find self-love?”  Through meditation we find the answer has always been around in clear sight.  It seems our vision has been clouded by the mind.

I came into meditation due to a challenging life situation.  Through meditation, I have gained peacefulness in both mind and body. And the will to pass this on.

My goal is to teach those to ease and navigate through our stressful world.  With the result having a more peaceful and compassionate life.

My past experiences in speech, sales and marketing can help me pass on this message by “paying it forward”.[/show_more]

Maria DeAngelis

White Plains, New York

As an experienced meditator for several years, I have come to rely on the inner sense of peace and empowerment I have experienced as a result of the practices.As a certified meditation teacher with American Meditation Society,[show_more more=”show more” less=”show less”] I love sharing these practices with students who are looking for more peace and joy and less fear and guilt in their lives, knowing that they are being offered a lifetime opportunity to experience their true whole selves through a series of very simple yet very profound practices.


Jane Slotnick

My name is Jane Slotnick. I am a wife and the mother of two young men. I started to meditate because my job as a special education teacher is extremely stressful at times.[show_more more=”show more” less=”show less”] Meditation has brought calmness, peace, and joy into my life. Through meditation I have been able to remain tranquil in demanding situations. I also have more confidence and I am a happier person. I have experienced beautiful moments of peace and happiness through meditation. It would be my pleasure to share this with others.


Abbe Rosenberg


Meditation teaches you how to see things from a fresh new perspective. You find the right teacher and do the practices taught by that teacher.  You automatically become happier. [show_more more=”show more” less=”show less”] I’d love to teach you how to meditate.  Call or email anytime for a group or private lesson.


Marcia Fucer


White Plains, New York

Meditation has changed my entire perspective in all that surrounds me. I no longer allow myself to get tangled up in stress or suffer bouts of anxiety.[show_more more=”show more” less=”show less”] The teachings of GururajAnanada Yogi are designed to give one a much deeper inner & outer awareness, I feel so blessed to have discovered these teachings and American Meditation Society. Becoming a certified teacher in these practices has been enriching for myself and my students. I’m available to teach small groups or one on one…


Regina Milano

Hastings on Hudson, NY

1 914 830 9957

What you are is simply this open space of awareness (consciousness, awakeness, Being) in which absolutely everything seems to come and go, and that space is already at rest; it’s already Home.[show_more more=”show more” less=”show less”]
–Jeff Foster
I have been meditating and studying non-dual spirituality foralmost 20 years. Meditation and spiritual practices are now a way of life for me, and have guided me through challenging life experiences with equanimity—including two life-threatening health conditions.I teach preparatory and advanced meditation classes through the American Meditation Society (AMS); it is an honor to show students how they, too, can experience the “Peace that passeth all understanding.” I am also an advanced instructor in the practice of Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono, teaching classes in the U.S., Canada and Europe, and, I do my individualized practice of I AM Remote Healing with clients anywhere.


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