Real prayer means that 24/7, moment by moment, your every breath is a prayer. Every word you say is a prayer. Every laugh you laugh is a prayer. Everything you see around you becomes a prayer. That is Real Prayer; that is the living prayer. There’s no begging or bargaining there at all. And how does this come about? By meditation and spiritual practices where everything you do is an offering, and every offering is a prayer.

The Path of Unfoldment (PoU) method that we teach includes all types of techniques and practices of:

* meditation,

* mindfulness,

* contemplation,

* and prayer.

We combine the different practices in a holistic method that will transform your life swiftly and sweetly, even when roughness arrives.

Among other techniques, you will be introduced to Real Prayer, a prayer that can be practiced equally if you are a Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, or an atheist.

From the 5th of March till the 31st March, a full 16 hours course will introduce you in the techniques and methods to engage in Real Prayer. Don’t miss this opportunity and register before we are out of places. Only 10 available per group.

Two groups (mornings and afternoons)

How much do we offer of ourselves during the waking hours of the day? None. Nothing. We grab, grab, grab. We never offer. And offering does not mean in material terms only. That’s only a small part of it. Holistically is the offering of ourselves in thought and love.

You start loving people, which is brought about through meditation, where you become more mellow, gentle, and soft inside. Even if your work might demand a hard exterior shell, It doesn’t matter; the core remains soft.

When you connect with that gentleness and softness inside, every thought you think becomes a prayer because it comes from that gentleness, that softness within. And the heart is very soft. It is only the cover that is hard. That cover is created by ourselves because we indulge in begging and in bargaining and not in the offering. And if you don’t offer, you suffer.

If our hearts and minds are filled with loving thought for others, that becomes a prayer. Our practices will open your hearts little by little and you will find within the sweetness of the heart, the same heart you felt when you were a small child.

Prayer is not something abstract, or a thought process. A prayer is a living process. We only pray when they get into trouble, and we have some big problem.

“Oh, God, please help me. This is my problem. Help me.”

We cry. It is good therapy. We are releasing the tensions that are built up in our system by the problem.

So these are various levels in prayer. Every day we pray, and it becomes so mechanical‑‑say the Lord’s Prayer‑‑ It becomes mechanical. You say it for the sake of saying it. But we do not take into account the deep meaning behind those words. “Oh, Lord, give us this day our daily bread.” What does it mean? Are you praying for bread? You’re not. You’re not praying for bread. What it really means is: let this day suffice unto itself, and let me not worry about tomorrow. Let me be away from the projection of tomorrow; tomorrow does not exist. Only today exists. So give me this day, give us this day our daily bread. Let me be self‑sufficient and fulfilled. Not the stomach. Let me be fulfilled today.

In our course, you will learn to bring your attention to the only place where you can do something for yourself, or for your loved ones, the only place where life is happening. Today.

We don’t understand our prayers. We don’t understand the real importance or the deep meaning behind them. Let me be fulfilled this day. And these, all these words in prayers, they might seem so mundane. Oh, why pray for bread? You can work for bread. Why pray for bread? You work for bread, not pray for bread. A loaf of bread is not going to land on your lap by praying. You’ve got to work for it. But that is not what it means. It is used symbolically that let this day be fulfilled. Let me live this day to its fullest. Tomorrow you will pray again. Let Monday be fulfilled. Let Tuesday be filled. Let Wednesday be filled, and so on.

Take advantage of this opportunity. 10 sponsored places available for free to assist to this course to learn Real Prayer, Meditation and Mindfulness techniques and the spiritual practices that are universal in their nature.