There is only one will. And that will combines what we would regard as free will and what we would regard as divine will. What is your free will actually? Do you think you are free? Really free? No, you’re not free. You’re in total bondage.

There is not a single part of your body or your thought that you can really control, and say, “I’ve got free will.” Your heart beats on its own, the blood circulates in your system, all the billions of cells are operating to keep your body together and functional. How much of it are you controlling, and what right have you to say, “I have free will.”

Within a given context, you can say “I have free will”;should I walk down three flights of stairs, or shall I take the elevator? That’s as far as it goes. In total mundaneness. But now you tell me what made you decide to take the stairway or the elevator. What element has been functioning there that made you decide the stairway or the elevator? Is it a power which is beyond yourself? Or is it a power that is within yourself? That power is within yourself, functioning all the time through the superconscious level of your mind. All the time. And you are just being deluded by yourself for yourself that I am functioning with free will. Because bondage thinks it is free. And when bondage thinks that it is free, who is the thinker? Someone that is bound.

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