Now, when we talk of acceptance, we talk of acceptance in the sense of facing the problem.  The roots are there in the subconscious.  They have to express themselves.  They have to rid themselves of these burdens.  There is no escape.  There is no escape from it.  We have put them there.  We have sown and we must reap.  But when they come to the conscious level it depends upon us if we are going to feed those weeds or not.  And that is where the major part of acceptance comes in.  Right.  From the subconscious mind a thought stems up that, ‘I am going to steal tonight’.  Good.  Are we going to give vent to the idea of stealing with the conscious mind?  Are we going to do that and by doing that, we are driving the roots home more deeper?  Right.  Acceptance means not only the circumstances we are confronted with but facing the circumstance we are confronted with, but facing the circumstance and accepting the circumstance that I have the tendency of being a thief.  That is a true acceptance.  

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