What is the difference between human life and a Godly life? What can be done with human life to make it less problematic? People look out for Spiritual practices, meditation, etc. to overcome their suffering. Can suffering be eradicated? All spiritual traditions teach how to overcome suffering.

We experience our lives as problematic; we experience life as one problem after another.

Can we have a good life, a life of evolution, a life of achievements without experiencing the difficulties in life?

Why do we experience life as being problematic?
The reason why we find life to be problematic is that we create a distinction in our minds that make us believe that our human experience is separate from life as it is happening moment by moment.

Human life is not apart from Divine life. Life is happening by itself, call it divine, call it natural laws, every molecule in this universe is moving according to the laws that govern its expression — the same with all the molecules that encompass the form of life that you experience as your bodily existence.

The day we realize that human life is none other than God’s life, there will be no problems at all. Life is One wholeness happening by itself.

Problems only come about because our mind tells us so all the time, because of previous patterns, that my life is human and insignificant and of no value, while that which has value is the Divine life.

Life with all its beauty itself is Divine.

When you wake up in the mornings, you miss all the beauty around you, your attention is in your mind, in your imagined problems, in the conversations you maintain in your mind with all your memories. This creates a situation where you only view life according to your pre-conceptions. And being so channeled and so limited, your perception and conception of your circumstances have only what you regard to be of personal value, missing all the beauty around you.

In this course, you will learn to gain some understanding of the mind that you function with, and you will start appreciating all the beauty around you, and feel that unity and wholeness which is true reality.

We bring you a non-denominational, non-religious, non-church oriented, spiritual teaching that will get you in touch with the essence of all spiritual teachings. This meditation and spiritual practice protocol was created by Gururaj Ananda Yogi in 1974 and since then is being taught all over the western world.

Register for our free 16 hours four-week course during March where you will learn Mindfulness, Meditation and Spiritual Practices that will transform your life with a U-turn towards joy and fulfillment.

You are Divine. Everything you perceive is Divine. Life itself is Divine.

There are no problems; life is no problem at all. We think it is problematic, but life is not problematic, and it only can become problematic if we think it is problematic. Through the meditation and spiritual practices that you will learn in our course, you will develop the acceptance and love that will lead you to love your circumstances as a divine expression of yourself. Register before we’re full. Only ten free seats available.

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